A new song and lyric video in response to recent school and mass shootings that resonates with the helplessness and grief.

“Whenever I’m at a loss for words, music steps in. When I feel just too tangled to write, I listen to music, or I sing. It’s the sad songs that seem to get me through the hardest times. BULLET is exactly what I’m talking about.”

There are singers…who fill songs with heartache or joy simply with their phrasing and sounds of their voices.
Sinatra brought this magic to every song he sang; the same can be said of Ray Charles.
And Billie Holiday excelled them both in this capacity.
She could telegraph the emotional terrain of a swing tune or ballad with each passing note.

Nena Anderson is one of these gifted singers.
It has been months, years actually, since a musician was able to so move me with her singing.
There is great strength in her voice, yet she has an offhand way of delivering the lines of a song,
as though she is recounting the details of a recent romantic breakup while she’s sitting in your kitchen having a cup of coffee.

– Paul Homick, San Diego Troubadour


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“Whether solo or with one of her backing bands, she is a seasoned live performer,
the listener is struck by the beauty of her vocals as they are light and velvety like a chocolate ganache,
lingering only long enough to make you want more.” – Riveting Riffs Magazine

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